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The Corbett tiger reserve’s southernmost region is where the Jhirna forest zone is located. It is one of the park’s six zones, and it was opened in 1994. There are many different types of plants and animals in the area. The only two forest zones that are open all year round are the Jhirna and Dhela zones. Throughout monsoon season, several areas of the park are still off-limits to visitors.

The Royal Bengal tigers’ primary range in the Corbett national park is the Jhirna forest zone. These animals can hunt and live freely in this area since it is covered in lush forests and vast meadows. This area is home to tigers, nilgai, sambhar, cheetahs, and wild boars in addition to tigers.


The Jhirna forest zone’s center is where you’ll find the Jhirna woodland rest house. The only lodging option in the area is the Jhirna woodland lodge, which has four rooms available for overnight rental. A guest is only permitted to reserve 2 rooms in his name at a time for a maximum 3-day period.

The Jhirna Forest Rest House offers rooms that are spacious enough for comfortable overnight stays and have an attached bathroom. There is a restricted supply of electricity here because it is solar-powered. Visitors must bring their own food to the lodge, and the cook will make dishes based on their preferences. Alcoholic beverages and non-vegetarian food cannot be brought. Photo credit.


Visitors must enter through the Dhela gate, which is 15 km from Ramnagar, in order to reach the Jhirna forest lodge. Day trips to this area are permitted all year long, but the Jhirna Forest Rest House is only open for overnight stays from 15 November to 15 June.


The main attraction in the Jhirna woodland region is the day jeep safari. There are 30 jeeps overall, and they operate in two shifts. The safari lasts for around three hours and thirty minutes in total. Visitors can see many birds and animals while on the safari. After the safari, guests can unwind in a sizable, open enclosure next to the Jhirna woodland rest lodge. All tourists must reserve a guide and jeep safari in advance.

Jim Corbett National Park Jeep Safari Tour

Enjoy the thrill of watching wild animals and birds in their natural habitat up and close with your family and friends with Jim Corbett National Park jeep safari. The park is famed as India’s oldest national park and home to the endangered Royal Bengal Tigers. The Jim Corbett National Park started operating in 1936 in Uttarakhand and is known for its pristine beauty comprising hills, rivers, and acres of dense forests. The Corbett jeep safari tour is a one of a kind experience for everyone to cherish forever.

Why Visit Jim Corbett National Park?

Jim Corbett National Park is home to more than 500 species of animals and birds and around 500 different species of plants. Hundreds of exotic animals, birds, and plants can be found here. The park is spread over more than 500 square meters area comprising hills, marshlands, river belts, and a large lake. The best way to explore the beauty of this place is by taking a Corbett jeep safari tour. The park has 5 zones, and each of them can be covered with the jeep safari tour. The zones are named as:
● Bijarani zone
● Jhirna Zone
● Dhela zone
● Dhikala zone
● Durga Devi zone

Jim Corbett National Park Major Attractions

The park is open throughout the year and the jeep safari tours are one of the biggest attractions here. As the open jeeps make their way through the narrow path of the jungle, get ready to spot royal Bengal tigers, elephants, tawny fish owls, golden jackals, crested serpent eagles, blossom headed parakeets and hundreds of other animals and birds. Be cautious while clicking pictures to get the best shots.

Other than exotic birds, animals, and plants, there are a few other attractions to look forward to within the national park, like the Kalagarh Dam located in the south-west side of the park, where you can spot many migratory birds flocking in. You can also spot the Corbett falls and Gajariya Devi temple which is located on the banks of Kosi. Dhikala is a popular area of the Corbett National Park located at the fringes of Patli Dun Valley.

Jim Corbett National Park Jeep Safari Tour Booking Procedure

Since the Jim Corbett National Park jeep safari tour is immensely popular, it is recommended that you book our service 30 days prior to your intended visit if you are an Indian resident and 60 days prior to your intended visit if you belong to any foreign country.

Hurry! Book now and set out for a unique adventure.

The Best Time to Visit
Although the park is open throughout the year, for a pleasant experience, try to visit in between November and February, i.e, during the winter season. Summers can get uncomfortable and most animals may avoid coming out during the day. Winters are also the best time to go for elephant safaris.

Terms & Conditions

1. Day visit to all zones are strictly regulated as per the scientifically calculated carrying capacity and only a limited number of vehicles are permitted entry during each morning and afternoon.
2. Permits for day visits to the Sonanadi Ecotourism zone can be obtained from the visitor reception center located at Kotdwar.
3. Permits for day visits to other zones are available online on our website.
4. Visitors are advised to acquaint themselves with gate timings and arrive well before the designated time to avoid any inconvenience.
5. Private vehicles are ‘not’ allowed entry for tourism purposes into the park and visitors use specially designed vehicles, registered with CTR for this purpose. Day visits to the Dhikala Ecotourism Zone are permitted only through the specially designed Canter buses via Ramganga Conducted Tours.
6. Visitors can also enjoy elephant rides at Bijrani and Dhikala ecotourism Zone, which is available on ‘First come, first get’ basis.
7. Canteen facilities are available at Dhikala, Bijrani and Gairal. At other locations, kitchen facilities have been provided
8. The Jeep will pickup & drop from/to the Resort/Hotel/Railway Station as specified by the Traveller. (Conditions Apply)
9. Jeep safari will book in advance basis. Booking starts 45 days prior to your tour date.